Sunday, 1 September 2013


Yes, I finally managed to get my pictures into the computer!

Tiramisu that my roomie from Yemen made (we live in room 102)

Norweigan cinnamon buns at room meeting

Absolutely gorgeous view from the student village towards the classrooms (yellow buildings)

Denmark House!

Finland House (orange-y) and classrooms (yellow)

It was sunny, and everyone was amazed...

...therefore lots of pictures of the fjord were taken

Student village (Denmark House is the first blue house)

The path towards the classrooms (yellow) and the kantina (red)

Amazing knitted tree

The view on the way to kantina


The boathouse, from where we jump into the (cold) fjord

The most amazing shoes ever, both waterproof and super comfortable

Our room

My corner

Making pancakes in a box, because we couldn't find a bowl big enough

Pancake making in the sandwich grill... yep

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