Saturday, 7 September 2013

RCN - a taste of the world

Before I came here, I imagined that RCN would be a magical place, full of perfect people. I thought I would be completely happy every hour of every day. Naturally, I'm not. This is a part of the real world - there will be people you don't like, homework you don't want to do, headaches, anxiety and everything that you would normally experience, no matter where you are. That is not to say that this place isn't magical. Being here is like an amazing adventure, with so many exciting things happening all the time, as long as you cease the moment and take any opporunity to experience new things. Some things I have tried that I'd never done before:

  • Eating rice with chopsticks (very difficult)
  • Honey on bread (sooo good)
  • Swim in an ice-cold fjord
  • Share room permanently with 4 other girls
  • Fiskekake (better than I expected)
  • Ethiopian snacks (kolo, I think they're called)
  • Write in Norweigan
  • Play water polo (insanely fun)
  • Make pancakes in a sandwich grill
  • Read Danish
  • Speak English with complete beginners
  • Norweigan chocolate
  • Watch a comic book turned film film (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - so strange)
  • Watch movies in the auditorium at night
  • Make typical student noodles with viatnemese spices
  • Rock climbing in the rain
+ so many other fun, exciting, scary and interesting things. I've been here for not even three weeks, and yet I have already challenged myself on so many levels. In the end, being here isn't going to be even close to perfect, of course not, but if you keep a positive attitude I believe that it will be absolutely amazing.

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