Saturday, 28 September 2013

I'm feeling good

I have great hopes for this weekend. Yes, I might have to squeeze in time to finish my Chemistry lab report, but hey, that would happen no matter if I was here or in Sweden! However, a bunch of exciting things are happening:

  • My grandparents are coming today...
  • ...and they're bringing my guitar!
  • First year show on Sunday (will not write more detailed than that, since there is a small risk that second years read this)
  • Monday there is no school, instead we have health day! (Basically two lectures and four workshops - hopefully it will be fun!)
On top of that, lots of great things happened last week:
  • It was sunny three (!) afternoons, so I studied outside...
  • ...and we had Swedish class outside! (What's that about Nordics being crazy about sunshine?)
  • I went to Friday Ball games in Dale and played some handball (!) and tried lacrosse in the sunshine and amazing view. Next week I'll take pictures!
  • We watched a great movie last night (Kon-Tiki)
  • Chemistry deadline was postponed a week
  • I found out that I'll do kayaking for PBL-week - so exciting!

1 comment:

  1. Another great week and weekend! Great that you played handboll! Mormor and morfar have promised to take heaps of pictures of everything. Have a great Sunday and good luck tonight!

    Love xxx, Mamma