Saturday, 14 September 2013

A normal day here

There really isn't such a thing as a "normal" day here at RCN, but this is a generalization of what a day is often like.

06:30 My roomies alarm starts - she doesn't wake up. I turn over and fall back asleep.
07:00 My alarm rings, I wake with a start and regretfully jump out of the bed, tiredly put clothes on and make my way (often through the rain) to the kantina. We often are about twenty people there until ten to eight, when everyone else shows up to hurriedly have a sandwich and a cup of coffee or tea before first block starts.
08:00 First class of the day! We all have seven different blocks, (A-D block, W-Y block) and over seven days we will have each class four times. For the Scandinavians and those taking Norweigan Ab Initio, we have six classes and one free block, everyone else has six classes and Norweigan Communication this term. Term 2 and 3 we will all have ToK instead (Theory of Knowledge).
09:10 Cookie break = coffee! Cookie break is a break when we can eat "knäckebröd" and drink tea or coffee inbetween classes. Some people don't have breakfast and so they eat at cookie break instead.
09.35 Two more classes before lunch, with a ten minute break inbetween.
12:05 Lunch. Often the queue is very very long and by the time you get food all seats are taken. Yesterday a group of us had lunch on the floor... oh well, you have to be creative!
12:50 Last class of the day - joy!
14:00 Everyone heads back to their rooms, some sleep, others start on their homework or chill in the dayroom.
~15:00 Generally, this is when EAC's start (Extra-Academic Commitments). There are plenty of different EAC's, something for everyone. I'm taking Song Writing, Waterpolo and PAM (Performing Arts and Music).
17:30 Dinner. Normally it's not nearly as crowded as lunch, since the kantina is open until 19:00 so people eat at different times.
18:00 - Every evening is different. Sometimes I go to TSK (the gym) or to Fitness for Girls, other nigths the pool is open. Otherwise, there is always some homework to be done, and friends to talk to. People make noodles and have sandwiches with Nugatti (Norweigan Nutella).
20:45 Connect time and evening snack. At some point between quarter to nine and quarter to ten everyone has to pass by their day room and tick their name of on a list with the teacher that's on duty that particular evening. If you're lucky, the teacher on duty can help you with your homework, too.
00:00 Sleep! Zzz.

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