Thursday, 22 August 2013

Intro week

The view on my run this morning (the houses are some of the student houses)

I came here Tuesday, and although it's just Thursday so far, it feels like I've been here for weeks already. While I was quite intimidated the first few hours, I quickly got over it. The thing about getting here is that even if you're new, there are about a hundred other new people, and everyone wants to talk to everyone.

The weather
Flekke is amazing in that it's one of the most beautiful places ever, but I believe that it's largely due to the rain. It rains all the time. Today we've actually had a blue sky since lunch, and everyone was enjoying it. I walked on the shore with a Danish girl and a Faroese girl, and just enjoyed the sun, and being properly warm for the first time in days. Raincoat is a must here, as are good shoes. I'm sooo thankful for the hiking boots that I got before coming, don't know what I would do without them.

Here at RCN we live in five houses in a student village - Finland house, Iceland house, Sweden house, Norway house and, of course, the amazing Denmark house. There are about 40 students in each house, and five in each room, first and second years mixed. However, I have yet to feel the need for more privacy, as we actually have curtains to close around our beds. We have a shared day room in each house, in which I'm currently sitting along with some of my house mates.

Intro week
So far in intro week we have been in different group, doing all kinds of exciting activities, from learing how the laundry room works to rock climbing. All the games and activities are great for getting to know each other.

Flekke fashion
Flekke fashion is what the amazing clothing sense here is called - basically mixing most things you own that is neither wet nor dirty yet. It almost always consists of a raining coat, with the nice exception of today.

That's it for now, I'll try to write again soon, and add some more pictures as well!

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