Sunday, 19 January 2014

Socializing, Studying, Sleeping (and Sports)

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The  moon last Tuesday morning
I remember right at the beginning of the school year, we talked a lot about balancing your life here. Oftentimes, three S's were mentioned - sleep, socialize, study. The second years all insisted that it was impossible to manage all three, especially if you wanted to add the fourth - sports. Naturally, at the time, I thought they just didn't try hard enough and of course I would manage. Let me tell you - I don't. Whenever I finally go to bed (late, later, latest) there's always something I've missed out on. Either I didn't study for the quiz the day after, or I did but I missed a nice gathering, or I went to TSK but then I didn't go to bed until very late. Somehow, no matter how hard you try, 24 hours isn't enough to get everything done.

Then, in the weekends, I sometimes expect that I'll miraculously will be able to do everything I didn't do during the week. I plan on reviewing and doing past papers, on having tea with most people and going swimming, never mind actually getting some sleep in. I never succeed with this either, and this Sunday, as usually, I have a long list with things I have to do. MUN paper, Feminist Club and some climbing.

One might think that this would be stressful, and I suppose that in some ways it is. I never feel like I've done enough, I always want to work just a little harder, talk just a little longer, sleep just a little deeper, but there's not enough time. However stressful it is, it's also the most fun I've ever had. I've learned more about life in these five months than I did in the seventeen years before I came. I've learned that it's short, and it's fragile, so never put things off, always enjoy yourself and don't worry too much because as long as you do your best, you'll have a great time.

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