Wednesday, 15 January 2014

MUN, TSK, IOP and then some

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This week it has been sunny and with the snow this place is as beautiful as ever

IB is full of abbreviations. We have TOK, EAC's and EE's, not to mention ROP, OTC and FOA's. In some ways I think UWC's are even worse, because we live at the school, so every aspect of our lives at the moment is named by IB students or teachers. It takes a while to get used to all these different abbreviations and remember exactly what each of them means, but surprisingly it actually stops being confusing.

Anyway, this week is full of abbreviations on my behalf. This Friday, the position papers for MUN (Model United Nations) is due. While I'm excited for the actual thing (basically two days of all the first years and some second years acting out United Nations) the writing part is a little bit exhausting, and a great bit confusing. (Related abbreviations: SPECPOL, MUN, PBL)

On Tuesday I have my IOP (Individual Oral Presentation) for Swedish Lit. I actually happen to like holding presentations, but it's never the less a little bit intimidating to realize that what I do now will be 15% of my final grade. Hopefully it will go smoothly, and then I'll be done with 15% (not really, but a girl can dream).

Naturally I, most like everyone else, have a few things I'll try to improve this year in terms of how I live. My main goal is to try to go to TSK (don't know what it stands for, actually, but it's the gym here) at least four times a week, as well as go swimming Tuesday mornings. After another fifteen minutes or so in the library, trying to work on the two above mentioned things but mainly - sadly - procrastinating, I'll go back to my room and get ready for TSK. I'm already tired, but since that's a constant state of mind at this place I can't let it stop me.

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  1. i think that Kåre once said that TSK means something like "training basement" in norwegian.