Friday, 17 January 2014

A post from a crazy, wonderful Norweigan

 (Listen to this while you read)
This post is from wonderful Amalie, my Norweigan co-year.

Hello Anna's blog readers! I live in the floor above Anna (Denmark House 204) and I am often in her room, not only because it's close to mine but also because of the amazing people living in it ( Denmark house are full of them) :) 

Apart from visiting Anna's room I generally like everything about this place and I am very grateful to be here. 
I especially like to be in the art room because it is always people there playing Spanish or Icelandic music which inspire not-so-artistic people like me who take art and kind of suck. Anyway, it's kind of nice to be surrounded by all these movie stars, geniuses, dance talents and artists because it make this school unique and totally different from all my previous schools (Norwegian school system...just saying..).
 I am not really a blog person so I think I will end it here, but keep reading about our exciting life here in nowhere (Flekke, Fjaler, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway).

XOXOXOOXOXOOXOX Amalie without an U


PS. Anna is very grateful for parcels (especially food ) :P :P UWC Red Cross Nordic, N-6968 Flekke, Norway

Fun fact: Amalie is Ei lama backwards and it means a llama in Norwegian (in wrong article)

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