Saturday, 5 October 2013

First year show, football and PBL

Dale football pitch
"Take a new picture with the flag!" - Amalie, Norway

This past week has probably been the most normal one here so far. I've had classes, EAC's and I've been chilling alone and with nice people. Last sunday, however, was one of the more special days so far. Evening, you see, was FIRST YEAR SHOW!

I was part of three awesome acts. Three of us, me, J from Singapore and L from Brazil (the girl that doesn't believe in snow) had written a song about the performance, and Mady (Belgium) and Amalie (Norway) made a video with all the first years smiling that we put behind as L and I sang it together with C from Greece as one of the first acts. I also sang "Read all about it" with my Nigerian co-year. Lastly, the act I was the most nervous about, I and seven other girls performed a burlesque dance... It was loads of fun.

I cannot say how proud I am of all the amazing acts we managed to put together. There was Spanish songs, Bollywood dance, Break dance, Fiskekake commercial and many, many other things.  The Fox video was made as well, you should all watch it and be amazed.

Since then, most of the week has been quite chill, apart from two lab reports and a maths test, but that's the way life is and at least I'm not a second year.

Yesterday was the first years vs second years football game. All the players were soooo good, and I'm really glad I didn't embarrass myself by playing.

Next week is PBL. I'm going for a kayaking trip Thursday-Saturday, so until then I'm free. I look forward to more sleep, understandning maths, reading, socializing and just relaxing. Of course the trip is going to be great, too!

Until next time!

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