Saturday, 25 April 2015

Almost there

It's April now, nearly May, and exactly four weeks left until we leave this place for the last time. Yesterday we had our last classes, and finished the day with a water fight and loud music. Socializing has started assuming this slightly frantic nature, same for studying, or "enjoying" Flekke (when loss and grief is present, it steals some of the joy, but also makes it that much greater). The acute awareness of how limited our time here is makes all feelings just bit stronger.

Between now and leaving I have 15 exam papers to write, a performance to prepare and a life to pack and wrap up. 

The last few weeks have, of course, been as hectic as ever. Life at RCN is strange, because all our days are endless, yet the year ends so quickly.

I don't really know what to write. I've danced, these last few weeks, and enjoyed myself doing it. I've performed at a stage, in front of several cameras, and I've written my soul down in poems, and I've been silly and childish and mature.

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