Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Reading week?

This week is dubbed 'reading week' at RCN. Basically all students are free from classes. First years have 'friluftsveke', more commonly known as Ski week (I'm sure I posted something about this last year) but for us second years it's a bit different. Next week we have Mock Exams, meaning that we're writing between 2-4 hours of exams for each of our subjects in one short, wonderful week. Or, in my case, three days. With exams from 8-17. What a joy.

So this is reading week. Meaning, a lot of studying has to be done. As well as sending in some more uni paperwork (I swear I'll never finish) and apply for jobs. Reading week, however, is also a great opportunity to have fun with your co-years. The picture is of me and E, taken in TSK (the gym) by the very talented Sara. Procrastination at its finest, as we were even procrastinating from our procrastination.

Well, I have Physics and Maths to study, and resum├ęs to write. Until next time.

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