Saturday, 22 March 2014


What makes you happy?

The last few weeks have been like most weeks are here - busy but mainly very happy/nice/interesting. The pressure of IB is starting to get to us first years, but so far it's manageable. Terms like EE and IA are starting to make sense to us and this week we got our first grades. Mainly, I'm happy with them.

Things that made me happy the last few weeks:
Visar bild.JPG
This girl, my now nineteen years old roomie <3

Visar bild.JPG
Harry Potter marathon all night and most of the day with this girl and two others (who were mysteriously missing at this point)

Visar bild.JPG
Pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast a normal Friday

Studying not so much, but I've been postponing this lab report for two hours already so I better get going.


  1. Hi Anna .
    It's Seth from England again . Thank you for regularly updating the blog - it seems like a small thing but it keeps hope alive and constantly reminds me that I don't have to be a genius or a superhuman to achieve my goal of being accepted at UWC .
    Playing the saxophone makes me very happy by the way :)

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for your comments, it makes me very happy to know that someone from outside of my social sphere reads and enjoys my blog, especially since my main objective (apart from keeping in touch with friends and family) was to give prospective students an insight in what the UWC life is like.
      Saxophone is really cool, I wish I could play instruments better than I do but they do make me very happy.

  2. Hey Anna,
    my name is Elena and I'm from Germany. Like Seth from England (who motivated me to comment on your blog), I really want to apply for UWC, and of course I want to be accepted :D
    So, in Germany the time in which you can apply for the school year 2015-2017 starts in may, and now I'm reading a lot of blogs from German students at other UWC schools and your blog, which I've found on facebook.
    Seth said the totally right thing.
    I also think that your blog shows best the "normal" life at an UWC, not only the specific projects and things like this...

    Well, I just wanted to say hello and I wanted to say, that chocolate makes me happy :D

    I hope you have a good time at Red Cross Nordic and maybe, if I'll have a question, can I write you?

    PS: I apologize for my bad English, I'm studying hard but I only have three English-lessons per week... so.. Sorry :D

    1. Hi Elena,
      Thank you for your comment! It makes me incredibly happy that prospective students such as yourself actually read my blog - that was my goal with it!

      I'm happy that you enjoy descriptions of the more "normal" things here, I also felt like that when I was reading blogs before applying. No matter how interesting the projects are, if you don't like the everyday life then what's the point?

      Chocolate makes me crazy happy as well.

      If you have any questions that you don't want to put directly on the blog, you can reach my on, otherwise I'll answer any comment you make on a post.

      And your English isn't bad at all, don't worry about it :)

    2. Thank you for replying so fast :)

      I really think that the Multi-Culture lifstyle is so incredible, and I think it's so impressive, how UWC unites cultures and countries at the moment.
      I mean, I'm here, in a little suburb in Germany, and Seth sits in England and we're all reading what you, from Sweden, are experiencing in Norway, where you live with so many different people from different countries. :D
      Only the idea of what UWC really is and what happends to the people who join the UWC concept makes me happy! :)

      I really hope to be accepted. If this would happen, in one and a half year I would have the great chance to experience that on my own, and until I can apply, I continue reading blogs in English and German from absulutly incredible guys all over the world... :D

      Love, Elena

  3. Hey Elena .
    I wonder how many individuals are out there , reading blogs and aiming to be accepted at UWC ? Quite a few it seems .
    If you would enjoy talking about uwc and practicing your written English my email address is - drop me a line . I'm always interested in talking to others in the international community .
    Apologies to Anna for hijacking the comment space !

  4. Hi I'm also a prospective student, my name is Selin and I'm from Turkey, one of my friends suggested this blog and I've really enjoyed it, thank you soooo much for your blog, it really is amazing, it makes the whole idea of UWC seem more real.

    1. Hi Selin!
      I'm really happy that you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you for commenting too, it really made my day.