Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crazy busy and procrastinating

I have a feeling that few places are as busy as this place right before winter break - possibly this place right before summer, but I wouldn't know yet. I've been sleeping less and less and doing more and more things, fun and otherwise, the last week. Tomorrow after classes we will finish packing, clean our rooms and houses and after dinner we're leaving, not to come back until last year. About a fourth of my time here is gone, and I've started to feel like home here.

Things I've done
On Friday after classes I went skiing with around ten or so other people. It snowed over 40 cm the day before, so the snow was amazing and we had a lot of fun. In the evening, we had a café to honour Nelson Mandela, with songs, dances, poems and it truly was beautiful. I'm amazed by the talent and engagement of this place - the whole thing was put together in a matter of hours.

Saturday I realized that I still had a fair share of school work to do, so most of the afternoon went to that. In the evening we had christmas dinner and took a lot of beautiful photos. After that, my roomies and I went crazy in our room, singing and filming and just having a great time.

Sunday evening there was a christmas café where me and a huge group of people sang christmas carols. I then stayed up way too late, studying, only to wake up early for a special breakfast.

Since then, I've been studying, cleaning, talking and laughing and yes, stressing quite a bit but also enjoying myself.

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