Monday, 18 November 2013

November Break, back to school and flying pigs

Physics lab called Flying Pig... somehow writing the lab report wasn't as fun as doing the experiment
It's been ages since I wrote something, but it's been november break and last week I didn't really find the time. Anyhow, I'm back now!

Being home was incredibly nice but also very weird. It didn't feel like I'd been away at all, yet it had been more than two months. I loved meeting everyone I'd miss, as well as enjoy Stockholm as much as I could. Things I previously wasn't too found of, like going by the metro or cooking, suddenly seemed so much better. On top of that, I didn't have much homework and so could get some sleep. Not that this has kept me from being tired again by now... sleeping properly (meaning more than max seven hours per night) just isn't possible at a place like this, especially with the IB.

Coming back was great, too. When I got to the airplane in Copenhagen, where I was transferring, I met lots of people from the school and talked to them through the flight as well as once we came to Bergen, since the ferry to the school didn't leave until a few hours later. Travelling from the airport to the school involves two bus rides, an almost three hours ferry trip and a 3 km walk. I left home at 8.30, and finally reached the school about twelve hours later, together with around twenty five other people who had been travelling in Europe or gone home over the break. I had a (stupid) plan to go to bed early, but decided on staying up and catching up with my roomies and friends instead. I hade cake twice as well as shared some typically Swedish candy.

This week as been sexuality week at the school. One of the EACs (Extra-Academic Commitments), GAS (Gender and Sexuality) put it together and it included presentations, gender-blind dates, discussions and "ask-a-gay"-session. On top of that, they had also put together a magazine with information about sexuality and gender. I really enjoyed it, and found that I widened my perspective quite a lot.

Friday and Saturday night we were lucky enough to have Alan Drop performing for us and the auditorium was full with people laughing and enjoying something out of the ordinairy. He also took the opportunity to try and embarrass his son, one of the students.

Next week will be busier than ever, since not only is school work starting to pile up but on Saturday it's European Day, with a bazaar and a show, among other things. I forsee little sleep in the future as well...

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