Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The problem with breaks...

...or why I'm more sleep deprived now than I was a week ago

Late nights watching Supernatural

November break started on Friday. The last block of the day, Maths, we were staring at the clock and just waiting for the minutes to disappear so we would finally be free for a week.

Now, free? I'm enjoying not having classes, but somehow I seem unable to remember in the evenings that I still want to get up early the next day. 

A typical day:
7.45 My alarm goes off. I stare at it, and decide that I deserve to sleep another hour. I'm unable to fall asleep, but stay in my bed for another hour anyway, doing absolutely nothing.

~9.00 Kantina time! I come to Sara's table, and since she's a more disciplined person than I am she's already been there for an hour. We drink more coffee than we should and pretend to study. Neither gets as much done as we planned on. (This is where I am right now, writing a blog post instead of studying for a Chemistry Exam - capital letters very much needed).

11.00 People start trickling in. We have brunch. We talk. We ignore the books at the table next to us (because there are so few people here that we can use a second one for eating, leaving our books spread out at the study table). We drink more coffee (interestingly enough, my coffee consumption has also increase with the break)

12.00ish By this time my computer runs out of battery, and I make my way back to my room, or more accurately my bed. I stare at my books for a moment, decide that I'm tired, and take a short nap followed by another hour of doing nothing in my bed. Followed by an hour of watching youtube videos and not thinking about work

15.00 Ro comes to my room. We watch Supernatural. The first episode finished, and we decide that we most definitely have time for another one.

17.30 Dinner time. I stay in kantina for the whole one and a half hour. At this point, I'm starting to get a bit stressed about what I should have done,but it doesn't stop me from sitting there and chatting to people.

19.00 Back to the room, and start writing. Since apparently the IB is not enough for me, I'm taking part in a November writing challenge this year too (click here to see what that's about) and my goal is to write at least 5k words every day. So far (this is the fourth day of the thing), I'm approaching 25k and insanity.

21.00 Break from writing, make evening snack, find someone to talk to. Stay away from my room for well over an hour. Then. another hour or so of writing.

23.00ish TV-series time! "Just one more" is the key phrase here and the main reason that:

01.00-02.00 Around this time, I go to bed, too late realizing that the next day I'll also want to wake up early.

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