Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Favourites and not-so-favourites

Performing at a poetry slam - who would've thought that a year ago?

5 best things with RCN

  • The people (it's cheesy, but true) - I don't think people here are better than anywhere else, we just think we are (ehum...). Also, we live together, so we know each other very well, it's a tight community
  • The opportunities - here and afterwards
  • The multicultural environment - I can't stress this enough
  • The acceptance - you can be whoever, and it's perfectly okay
  • Late nights and early mornings with people you love, watching the sun over the fjord, listening to music in Swedish/French/Spanish/English

5 worst things
  • The food... 
  • Waking up an hour too early due to other people's alarms 
  • IB crashing with RCN life crashing with Uni applications and job applications and... the stress, I mean
  • Having to stop yourself from saying what you think in order not to annoy other people with your opinions (even though you think you're right, but they think the same thing)
  • Lack of sleep

3 weirdest things
  • Fiskekake
  • Birthday traditions
  • Other traditions

3 things I look forward to...
  • Getting first years
  • Summer break
  • Time with only my co-years (boy, do we have plans)
...and 2 things I don't
  • Second years leaving
  • First year exam

4 best experiences so far
  • Kayaking PBL
  • Ski week
  • European show
  • First year show

6 things I've learned
  • Spanish (phrases)
  • That failing a test isn't the end of the world...
  • ... just as well as acing one isn't the ultimate goal
  • Life is short and meant to be enjoyed, as much as it can, but also made use of. Balance is key, I guess
  • Being on time isn't that important (depending on the occasion)
  • There's no such thing as calm on a campus with 200 teenagers

1 thing I've taught
  • The meaning of the world "bullshit"

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