Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"How long is forever?"

"How long is forever?"
"Sometimes, it's just one second."
-Lewis Carroll

I just read a blog post on the Swedish UWC page from one of my second years. They have 87 days left here now, is that so much more than I have? I find it strange, that though I came here only a few months ago, we don't have that much time left at this amazing place. I want to cherish it and make it everything it can be, because if I blink, if I look away, if I get too caught up in unimportant things, I'll suddenly realize that time has passed faster than I thought and that I've lost the opportunity of my life.

Last weekend, the Swedish to-be-second-years found our first years out, more or less. I can't believe that we're going to take over responsibilities more and more until suddenly we're the ones greeting a new group of scared and excited first years. We'll give them our lacking knowledge of the place, we'll be expected to be able to answer questions about nothing and everything. Are we ready? Maybe not, but I'm sure we'll do it. 

Denmark House 2013-2014

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