Monday, 10 June 2013

Pre-RCN emotions

When reading blogs about UWC-schools it would sometimes surprise me how people didn't seem as exited about UWC before going as I would've thought that they would be. This post is an attempt to explain all the different feelings I, at the very least, experience the few months before leaving for Red Cross Nordic UWC.

Finding out I was accepted
I got a phonecall from my sisters when I was on the bus on my way to meet some friends. I had spent the day worrying about not getting in, as I knew some people that had already found out that they had. Once I got the call, though, I couldn't believe it, and I still really don't. Today I spent my last day at my old school, writing my last test in Swedish, perhaps ever, and it didn't feel special at all. I think, in a way, that I've been dreaming about this for so long that it is still completely insane that I acctually got in. At times it hits me just how lucky I am, but then it feels unreal again. According to "Days Until" on my phone, it's 70 days until I leave for Norway - a little more than 2 months. It's completely unreal and I can't really put words to the feeling.

Filling in all documents
Nothing bad about RCN or UWC's in general, but I really find all the different documents really confusing. I don't know when what papers are to be sent in, I have no clue whatsoever about what some papers are meant to contain concerning information... yes, I am confused. This, I think, add to the unrealness of the situation. I spend much of my time thinking that somehow I will mess up the documents and get rejected that
I don't actually believe that I will arrive at the school.

Chatting with future co- and second-years
Here's the thing - the internet is nothing like reality. And although I veryveryvery much want to get to know everyone, I don't want to get a prejudiced idea of them before actually meeting them. Therefore, I think I would prefer staying away from all the exciting internet things before leaving. At the same time, I use these groups and so on as a way to make sure that I don't fail with all the documents, or when to arrive to Norway, or what to bring.

That's some thoughts and feeling that I have right now. Of course, overall I'm sooooo excited, but I thought it worth to note that I'm not only excited, because I'm sure that I'm only going to remember the excitement in a few years when I look back on this summer.

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