Thursday, 25 April 2013

I got in!

The 21st of April I got the phonecall I had anxiously been awaiting for way too long. I got in! That means that next year I will be spending my life not here in Stockholm but outside of Flekke in east Norway. Am I excited? You bet! In fact, so excited that I have already borrowed a Physics standard level book from my school library to try and get some reading done before I get there. Over-achiever much? In this blog I will try to give a fair picture of what a UWC school is really like, and my life at one. It's meant as both a way for people back home to know what I'm up to but also so that future applicants can learn more about UWC. After all, I have spent a fair bit of my own time reading blogs and so I figured that I probably should try and return the favour. I will not start updating until close to school starts, but hopefully I will then manage to give a fair picture of everything I will experience there. Anna

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